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Fitness Dissected..As easy as 1,2,3...maybe not, but the Megaformer is the right place to start!

The hardest question I receive as a fitness professional is "how do I get in the best shape of my life?"  That question would be much easier if we all shared the same definition of what it means to be "fit" or what it means "the best shape of your life".    Ideal fitness and body shapes are all in the eye of the beholder, so I can only answer from a place that makes sense to me.  That being said, here is my best attempt at an answer...

I look at fitness as a three headed animal comprised of: physical, mental and lifestyle.   Lets chat physical first.  The idea of gaining muscle and losing fat.   For arguments sake,  lets leave diet out of the conversation for the time being and focus solely on cardio or weight training to achieve your desired effect.  How much is enough or how much is much is too much?   You need less cardio then you think.   You need some cardio to maintain your heart health, but the real driver of your metabolism is muscle.   The amount of muscle in your body will dictate the rate at which your metabolic "engine" will burn calories.   The natural connection is more muscle, more calories burned, which hopefully leading to fat loss.  Benefits of increased muscle mass go beyond just your metabolism.   Benefits include: increased energy, higher bone density, lower risk of injury, results you can see in the mirror, the list goes on.  As bias as I may be, there is no better work out then the Megaformer to change your body composition favorably towards lean muscle mass.   I see it everyday. 

What do people mean when they want to talk about the mental component of fitness?  Generally speaking people are referring to "mental toughness".   Most people would define "mental toughness" as the ability to stay in the exercise no matter what the obstacle.  The idea of gaining one more rep when their are certain they have nothing left.  Everyone has had that experience of "pushing through" at one point or another.   But how come more people are able to find that extra push more consistently then others?    When you take a step back, you see the act of doing "one more" is really tied to what is motivating you, your reason exercising.   Success in the gym has to start from within.  In my opinion, unlocking your potential can only be realized when you have recognized your emotional purpose.  Your reason for working so hard, pushing day after day, staying committed...When that well is overflowing, so are the results.

Last but definitely not least, is your lifestyle.   We have all heard the saying "abs are made in the kitchen" and I am a big believer in that.   What you put in your body to fuel your work out is just as important as the workout itself.   What you do when you leave the gym is a big factor to whether you will realize all of the benefits from your hard work.  How much you sleep, how much water you drink, what kind of support system you have in place.   

In summary, the magic balance of the 3 components of fitness is a hard thing to strike.  If you are amazing with your will power in the gym, then maybe you focus your strategy on improving your life style habits.   Either way, the fact that you are reading this article and working out at all, means your are one step ahead of most people.  We invite you to come and realize your fitness goals with us at CST, after all, doesn't sweating on the megaformer with your friends in one of the most challenging work outs around capture all 3?